Project Description
Beautiful visual control library for .NET Windows Forms. The library supports single-form UI (web-style page navigation), transparency, theming and eye-candy.


This screenshot is taken from the demo application in the source code.

Actual screenshot taken from project demo application


The following are taken from real-world applications that use THN VCL library.

Screenshot taken from an actual application that uses this library.                    Screenshot taken from an actual application that uses this library.


Supported Controls

  • Page management (web-style navigation)
  • Label, Button, Image Button ( who doesn't love these? )
  • List Box
  • Multi-column List Box (Grid)
  • List Box as Tree
  • List Box with PopUp (ComboBox)
  • Log Viewer
  • Text Box
  • Number Box
  • Check Box, Image Check Box
  • Option Box, Image Option Box
  • Date Box, Calendar
  • Progress Bar, Scroller
  • Pop Up
  • Tool Tip
  • Blinker


Getting Started

  1. Create a new Windows Forms Application
  2. Add reference to both library: Thn.dll and Thn.Interface.Vcl
  3. Your project can now use the controls. To make it easy for accessing these controls, right click on Visual Studio's Toolbox, click Add Tab. Then right click on the new tab, click Choose Items..., browse to the Thn.Interface.Vcl.dll


This library was developed during 2004-2008 by THN Solutions LLC and designed by software architect Nguyễn, M. HảiIn 2014, THN decided to opensource version 2.0 of the library for educational purposes and for contributing back to the community.

Currently, we are secretly cooking a new programming paradigm that aim to help developers build cross-platform, cross-device applications in 1/10th the time. You might want to check out this productive programming framework.

Please feel free to give us a shout. We warmly welcome fellow tech people.

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